Nov 8, 2016

Gonna tease this out...

It's pretty remarkable, fascinating, and downright scary at times to see how much change this election cycle has caused in people. our own friends, relatives, and co-workers, many of whom you've interacted with on the reg for weeks, months, and years, and some of whom you've known your whole lives -- and who would otherwise be posting hundreds of cat memes, viral videos, and rants about how their favorite sports teams are trash -- suddenly transform into these huge political junkies, start making demigods out of people running for office, fill up their (and our) timelines with ten articles a day savaging their "enemies" (and maybe share a write-up in support of their "allies" every couple days), develop this siege mentality that makes them look like they've been lifelong champions of their favorite candidates and causes, and threaten to throw away multiple, long-lasting relationships or familial ties for doing so much as not doing fully lock in step with every single one of their opinions.

It's a huge run-on sentence, I know, and it all probably sounds wild judgmental... but I look at what this past year, this particular cycle -- filled with primaries, attack ads, debates, attack ads, stump speeches, attack ads, conventions, attack ads, even more debates, attack ads, relentless news coverage, attack ads, obsession with poll numbers, attack ads, constant calls to vote bordering on shaming and intimidation, and a few more attack ads for good measure -- has done to the way we interact with (or even perceive from afar) our friends, loved ones, acquaintances, and complete strangers alike. And I'm not particularly sure that I like what I'm looking at today.

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