Jul 13, 2013

Zimmerman trial and Asiana Flight 214

On the same week that America engaged in a fierce debate over the role of race in the Trayvon Martin incident...

...we also saw no less than two media outlets make industrial-strength dumb editorial errors regarding the Asiana crash...

...with the latter incident (apparently involving a summer intern at NSTB) actually being received to laughter and applause on the social media and at major publications.

Racial jokes and comments that would be received with a torrent of complaints and demands for apologies from both sides of the Zimmerman debate somehow find their expression and humor when applied to groups outwith their narrow scope of discussion.

The challenges and conflicts associated with the black-versus-white narrative of American race relations are often dismissed (or worse, laughed off, as in the case of Flight 214) when placed in the context of other interracial, or even intra-racial, dynamics.

This is "post-racial" America, in a nutshell.